KidPro Elite


Hugely trusted program by national and international athletes to improve their athletic development and performance. Based on our gold standard DNAPro Test, Blood parameters, and Nutrition Assessment, the kids get the most scientific and proven approach to optimum growth.

What more we get?

This is the most comprehensive personalised nutrition plan that allows the kid to grow in an optimum way. It includes a DNA test, a set of blood parameters, and Nutrition Assessment on the app. Once the DNA and Blood reports are generated, the user gets personalised one-on-one counselling with our top experts and nutritionists. A monthly DNA-based personalised nutrition plan is delivered on the app that covers all important nutrients and dietary requirements of the kid.

What is Included in this product?

This product includes the following:

  • DNAPro Test and DNA report (saliva sample through a DIY Kit)
  • Nutrition Assessment on the unlock.fit app Comprehensive blood parameters (blood sample collected at home)
  • Nutritionist counseling (1 session/month) A monthly nutrition plan


⦁ 1 month – Rs. 40260/- inclusive of GST

⦁ 3 months – Rs. 49700/- inclusive of GST

⦁ 6 months – Rs. 61500/- inclusive of GST

⦁ 12 months – Rs. 85100/- inclusive of GST

* Periodicity of the plan can be chosen at the time Checkout